Our Mission

Classic Vapor Cleaners has been here for almost a century and we care about our community and our environment. We replaced the PERC systems with a eco friendly wet clean and mineral oil based hydrocarbon dry clean system. This process is better for the environment and your clothes.

Services Offered

  • Comforters & Bedding
    Down comforters, duvet covers, quilts, sheets, cushion covers, sleeping bags and more
  • Rug Cleaning
    Rugs up to 140 square feet, most blends available including wool, shag, and sheepskin
  • Table Clothes & Curtains
    Table cloths, curtains, napkins, chair sashes and more cleaned and pressed properly
  • Wetsuits
    Cleaning for wetsuits, hoods, and booties available
  • Specialty Garments
    Wetsuits, Snowboarding jackets, swimsuits, wool, cashmere, silk, leather, and suede. Please call with any questions for items not listed
  • Medical Field Cleaning Services
    Using Endex-99 products, we not only clean scrubs, gowns, and lab coats, we sanitize them of all major viruses
  • General Dry Cleaning
    Shirts, Pants, Suits, Jackets & Coats, Dresses, Sweaters, Skirts, Blouses, Ties, Hats, Scarves, Shawls, Uniforms, Robes, Pajamas, Gloves, Swimsuits, Handkerchief, Judge Gown, Ski / Snowboard Jackets, Altar Gown, Alter Scarf & Collar Piece, Chef Coats, Bow Ties, Synthetic Fur, 
  • Dry Cleaning
    Hydro Carbon based using TEX 2000 the most efficient and planet friendly available.  Classic Vapor currently is the only local dry cleaner offering this advanced green technology
  • Wet Cleaning
    Plant based, renewable, sustainable, and scent free
  • Laundry & Press Services
    Trust us with your items that need special care and to be cleaned and pressed properly
  • Wash & Fold
    Free pickup and delivery, and $1.85/pound clean and dry weight
  • Free Pickup & Delivery
    Dry Cleaning and Wash & Fold
  • Same Day Service
    Same day service available, please call for pricing
  • Sports & Service Uniforms
    Using Endex-99 products, we not only clean uniforms, we sanitize against all major viruses
  • Wedding Gowns
    Cleaned, pressed, and boxed services available
  • Suits
    Full suits, sport coats, trench coats, tux cleaning available