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Going Green
In 2007, Chris Peoples began “green” construction by installing solar panels and the removal of the PERC (Perchloroethylene) dry cleaning systems.  In 2012, Pamela Whittington owner of Classic Cleaners purchased Vapor and eliminated the petroleum based green products and introduced exclusive EPA Recognized Sustainable Chemistry and Certified Botanical Based Products and formulas.

What does “Vapor” mean?
In 1912 the word vapor referred to the new steam method of dry cleaning. Dry Cleaning technology has changed many times in a century. We have chosen to keep the Vapor name and added the Classic touch to create a truly 100-year-old classic.

What makes Classic Vapor Cleaners “The Greener Cleaners”?

We’ve been here for almost a century and we care about our community and our environment.

When Chris Peoples became the new owner of Vapor Cleaners he brought with him years of experience in environmental engineering. His first goal was to compliment the traditional quality, service and standards that have always been the hallmark of Vapor Cleaners with modern, energy efficient, environmentally safe cleaning technologies.

The removal of the PERC (Perchloroethylene) dry cleaning systems was the first priority. This method of dry cleaning has been set for phase out by the EPA by 2023, but Vapor Cleaners wanted to set the standard for the new, greener business world and replaced the PERC systems with eco friendly wet clean and mineral oil based hydrocarbon dry clean systems in 2007

European sourced biodegradable cleansers have replaced the old detergents and computer monitored, super energy efficient boilers have replaced the old steam boiler work horses of the past, resulting in huge energy savings and greatly reducing our carbon footprint.

In 2008 Classic Vapor Cleaners historic Water Street building was crowned with solar panels. By working with Lockheed Martin and in compliance with PG&E's clean energy program we further reduced our energy dependency by supplementing not only our hot water needs but also our electricity demands with clean, green solar power. This has made Vapor Cleaners the most energy efficient dry cleaning service in the Monterey Bay area if not the entire state!

At Classic Vapor Cleaners were proud of our long heritage as innovators and as we enter into the new Millennium we are pleased to continue to be the company that sets the benchmarks for a better, “greener” tomorrow.

So when we say we are “The Greener Cleaners”, we mean it!

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Loved the environmental responsibility that seems above and beyond - definitely the right Santa Cruz vibe. I couldn’t believe the variety of specialized equipment, the pride the owner has for her service, and what goes on to clean so many different kinds of clothes.
— Josh W.